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Rincon coffee

We serve only the finest coffee and we have the best trained baristas in Rincon.

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Rincon smoothies

Fresh fruit smoothies with nutritional "boosts".  Great tasting and great for you! 

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acai rincon

Serving nutritous healthy bites daily, including acai bowls, breakfast sandwiches and more!

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BD Café is a café that serves café-acai bowls-smoothies-salads-breakfast-light bites. Our coffee is fair trade, single origin, local, and organic. For our smoothies and food we get a lot of our products from local farmers. We aim to stay strongly involved in the growth in our local food system.


Our Baristas are highly skilled.  They prepare and serve espresso-based coffee drinks.


From a cultural standpoint, we serve as centers of social interaction. We provide social members with a place to talk, write, read, entertain one another, or pass the time, whether individually or in small groups of two or three people. We serve as an informal club for our regular members.

BD Cafe


Carr. 413 Km 4.1

Bo. Puntas

Rincon, Puerto Rico






Daily 7am to 4pm

Closed Tuesdays


Free Wi-Fi!

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